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Hi, I'm Josh

I help companies communicate key messaging, drive brand awareness and build reputations.

I do so by crafting and sharing stories to secure credible media coverage.

Results enable my clients to build lasting relationships with target segments of the public and strengthen their positions in relevant spaces. This better connects them, their ideas and their products to customers, investors, donors and partners.

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I do PR. Here’s what that means.


Saying great things about yourself is easy.

So is paying a platform to say those same great things.

Public relations is different. It's about the most valuable kind of exposure - that which is both unpaid and provided by a third party. 

PR is vital to any communications plan because it creates a lasting impact based on trust and prestige.

Short-term benefits include exposure to outlet readerships and ripple effects like backlinks and social media traction. More profound is the long-term impact: being part of the conversation.

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As strategic as PR gets

Advanced tools and platforms ensure that my tactics reflect the latest data and trends in audience intelligence.

A focused and research-backed set of efforts helps my clients tailor messaging and media preferences.

The end result: impactful publicity that reaches the right people.

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Lee Recht_edited.jpg

“Josh listens intently, writes beautifully, and demonstrates tremendous professionalism throughout his editing process. He plays a major role in helping us articulate and advance strategic thought leadership.”

Dr. Lee Recht
Vice President Sustainability, Aleph Farms

I work with brands across sustainability, digital health, insurance, construction, pharmaceuticals and various other fields.

I help them achieve exposure in outlets like these:

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Helping the public understand public relations


Interview with 3PLzen


Commentary in UnderPinned

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